Lightning fast transfers for massive files

Ci Transfer and Media go hand in hand

Your Ci experience is about to get a lot better. We designed the early access version of Ci Transfer to ensure you can get your content in and out of the Ci platform, quickly and securely. The desktop app is optimized for transferring files and folders while ensuring every byte gets delivered.  

Move massive files quickly

Got a deadline? Let Ci Transfer handle the uploads and downloads, so you can get time back in your day to focus on collaborating and creating your masterpiece. And for peace of mind, Ci Transfer will even create a report so you can rest assured knowing that all your files were transferred.

Transfer at multi-gig speeds

Large files mean longer transfer times, but we want to fix that. Whether you have hundreds of images or massive 4K files, our goal is to ensure your files get to Ci Media Cloud no matter your network stability or bandwidth speeds. Ci Transfer supports multi-gig transfer speeds, depending on your connection.

Ci Transfer is your second-in-command  

Be in the driver’s seat

Cancel, pause, or resume to prioritize transfers
Monitor all transfers
Easily organize files with drag and drop
Find files and folders using search

Less manual work

Upload multiple files or folders in a single batch
Downloads pause during connection interruptions
Summary logs are created automatically
Download folders from Ci in a few clicks

Let the numbers do the talking

Lightning fast

Got fiber?
Transfer at multi-gig speeds

Built to be a workhorse

Optimized to handle hundreds of transfers at a time


Transfers are retried for up to 5 minutes

Questions? We have answers.

Why Ci Transfer?
Ci Transfer stands out for its media-centric features and bandwidth prioritization. Plus, we handle the heavy lifting for you. If connectivity is interrupted or lost, transfers will resume where they left off. You’ll also stay on top of all action by receiving automatic summary logs. If you already enjoy Ci Media Cloud, let Ci Transfer upgrade that experience even more.
Is Ci Transfer free?
Good news! Ci Transfer is free for all Ci users, no matter your plan. 
Can I use Ci Transfer without a Ci Media Cloud account?
Nope, but you can create a Ci account for free!
Is Ci Transfer available for both Mac and PC?
Yes! Regardless of your preferred computer, Ci Transfer is compatible with both Macs and PCs.