Faster, simpler VFX turnarounds

Faster, simpler VFX turnarounds

Ci Workflow is an automation app, built for studios to automate time-consuming VFX pulls by uploading an EDL file – all while backing up footage in Ci Media Cloud.

Send VFX frames in minutes, not days

Submit an EDL and let Workflow handle the rest. Never wait for VFX pulls again. Create an EDL in any NLE, submit it to Workflow and voila! VFX frames are pulled, uploaded to your Ci Workspace and delivered to your VFX vendors automatically.  

Manage your footage in one place

Take control of your original camera files (OCF). Skip the LTO back-up and upload to Ci or your Ci-enabled S3 bucket for cloud archive. Let Ci automate VFX pulls and delivery to VFX vendors without giving access to your source files. Upload original camera files to Ci, and you’ll never need to move it again.

Ci Workflow is your lab in the cloud

Effortless VFX pull automation

Render VFX frames in minutes – not days
Self-serve process that’s available 24x7x365
Access RAW footage (OCF) from anywhere
Configure outputs according to your needs (DPX, EXR, TIF)

Streamlined VFX workflow management

Automate delivery to VFX vendors
Back-up footage (OCF) in the cloud – no more tapes!
Increase visibility with workflow status and activity tracking
Bring your own AWS S3 files to automate VFX pulls

Trusted by studios like you

Using Ci Workflow for VFX Pulls was incredibly simple. Drop an EDL & a reference, push a button and watch frames start to populate instantly, any time of day or night. There’s no time waiting on techs to process your request, and no e-mails to send asking when it’ll be ready two days later. It’s like having the flexibility of self-pulling with the automation of a lab.

Nolan Reese, VFX Editor, “The Unholy”

Ci was simple, efficient and versatile. Simple EDL workflow for pulls, efficient with automation around the clock and versatile with the ability to send ref QTs and review QTs to both vendors and filmmakers.

Joseph Schnaudt, VFX Editor, “The Invitation”

Ci Workflow has made plate turnovers infinitely easier… Not having to spend the time downloading and uploading 100s of GB worth of files to vendors has saved an invaluable amount of time, making a much more efficient workflow from beginning to end.

Grace McDonald, VFX Coordinator, “The Unholy”

Questions? We have answers.

Why Ci Workflow?
Ci Workflow is a lean mean VFX pulling machine that is available 24x7x365. All it takes is for you production to transfer your raw footage (OCF) into a Workspace in Ci and configure your pull workflow once. As soon as editors submit an EDL (from their preferred NLE), frames are delivered to VFX vendors automatically and all the while email alerts keep the team up-to-date. If you enjoy using Ci Media Cloud, try Ci Workflow to unlock workflow automation of your dreams.
How much does Ci Workflow cost?
Ci Workflow is charged per GB output per month. For pricing details, contact our Customer Success team. Note: Workflow is an add-on available for Company Network plan subscribers and above.
Can I use Ci Workflow without a Ci Media Cloud account?
Nope, to use Ci Workflow to automate VFX pulls, your camera files must be stored in a Workspace in Ci or a Ci-enabled AWS S3 storage location.
Does Ci Workflow only support Sony RAW files?
Nope! In cinema productions, footage can come from many different cameras which is why Ci Workflow supports RAW footage shot on ARRI, BlackMagic, Phantom, RED, and of course, Sony.