Remote file gathering, simpler and faster

Say goodbye to hard drives and shipping fees. Ci’s blazing-fast file transfers are simple, reliable, and secure. Built for professional video file formats, live streams, and massive folder uploads, Ci will transform your file gathering workflow.
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Bigger files. Shorter timelines. Insatiable audiences
Digital transformation in media production introduced a new wave of workflow challenges. Teams now have to manage the many disconnected methods of receiving content - ranging from file-sharing services to FTP to hard drives and mobile phones. Advances in imaging technology generate massive file sizes. Teams need to create more content to feed into ever-expanding platforms. Often, content cannot be viewed for hours after ingesting - if ever. Modern production teams endure sluggish speeds, unreliable connectivity, and bandwidth limitations which slow them down and hamper their ability to feed into the next phase of their workflow.
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The Ci solution
Supercharge production to reach your audience faster
Simplify your remote content acquisition workflow with Ci. All of your files and live streams can be uploaded centrally to Ci via fast, reliable, and secure file transfers, whether uploading camera-to-cloud or from laptops in the field or production servers. During ingest, Ci automatically renders custom or edit-ready transcodes and extracts metadata. This media processing enables teams to find the file they need and preview it in a web browser. With built-in notifications, editorial teams can be alerted and get to work as soon as files land in Ci.


Fast transfer speed is just the start. Accelerate delivery to editors or licensees with automated transcoding and Ci’s built-in tools.
Upload from any device, anywhere
Ci supports secure and reliable upload to the cloud from cameras, production servers, or any network-enabled device.
Fastest file transfers (with bandwidth control)
Built-in file acceleration ensures fast file transfers and allows management of transfers according to bandwidth availability.
Automated metadata management
Automated metadata extraction, templates, and a time-based logging app ensure your files in Ci are enriched with search-ready metadata.
Automatic preview generation
Ci generates edit-ready preview, custom proxies, and additional elements during ingest to help you save time and redundant processing.
Accelerated file transfer
Built-in Aspera transfer (no license required)
Send to owned Aspera nodes
Centralized file gathering
Diverse upload options
Live stream support
Automatic upload alerts
Plugged into your workflows
Integration & APIs
Custom branding
Flexible user administration
World-class security
Pro-grade tools and apps
Ci File Request for simple contribution
Ci Relay for automated managed transfers
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Fast file and live stream acquisition from anywhere
The choice is yours whether you upload through a browser, request files from contributors, or connect to any network-enabled camera or FTP server. Ci is ready to receive footage any time, from anyone or any device in multiple locations simultaneously. Live stream support and built-in file transfer acceleration guarantee you will receive the footage you need in no time. Or connect servers to the Ci Relay application to manage transfers with automated replication.
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Auto-generated proxies help you get to work faster
Ci automatically renders edit-ready proxies and custom transcodes during ingest on files and live streams. Log, publish, clip custom time-based metadata on files and live streams. Ingested content is instantly ready for preview and search and can be shared with partners for delivery or collaborative review. By eliminating single-task systems dedicated to moving, storing, logging, and processing files, teams can streamline production operations and save time and money.
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Case Study
National Hot Rod Association
National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) aimed to reach more fans with more content, faster. They needed a secure reliable way to deliver footage from remote racetracks that was faster than shipping hard drives from coast to coast.
By uploading footage and live streams from race events directly to Ci, the NHRA can share instant access to race content with production teams, marketing teams and licensees to accelerate production delivery, without investing in more hardware.
In just weeks, the NHRA transformed into a digital content factory, managing terabytes of recent race and archive content in Ci which feeds directly into production, broadcast, OTT and social workflows.
Centralize and streamline your file gathering workflow with Ci