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Remove the hurdles of video review. Ci brings a dynamic "screening room" experience to the cloud with real-time synced playback and live annotations. Accelerate and simplify your remote work and virtual collaboration workflow with Ci.
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Reviewing and collaborating when you can’t be together
The increasingly global nature of production has made remote collaboration a necessity. Back and forth asynchronous commenting solutions help but can’t replace the effectiveness and immediacy of the in-person experience. Siloed media review solutions with limited file format support require teams to convert and upload files to separate systems - adding bottlenecks and security risks. Real-time collaboration solutions are expensive and call for locally installed software on all participants’ computers.
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The Ci solution

Dynamic real-time collaboration for remote teams
Ci makes remote video and image collaboration easy. Ci’s automated conversion of source quality files lets teams preview and engage with professional media formats using a standard web browser. No additional hardware or software is required. Collaborating with participants outside of your team is simple and secure with powerful media collaboration tools and flexible access models. Ci’s LiveSessions provide real-time synchronized playback, remote control, and live annotation for all participants no matter where they are. Feedback is tied directly to the pixels or frames, so collaboration in Ci provides the same fidelity as an in-person review session. Ci’s industry-leading file acceleration lets you upload files at the fastest possible speeds to keep workflows moving.


Powerful media tools and apps to accelerate feedback. Enterprise-grade security and integrations to streamline your end-to-end workflow.

Always on the same page

With our media collaboration tools, members anywhere can watch footage together with synced playback and live annotation. Then, export frame-accurate annotations and comments into your NLE or PDFs.

Streamline your workflows

Ci goes beyond collaboration. A single source of truth for all your media workflows eliminates redundant transfers and storage costs.

Deliver final versions faster

Built-in file transfer acceleration, auto-rendered edit-ready proxies, built-in clipping tools, and NLE integrations help you get to final cut faster.

Frictionless security

Easy access without compromising security. Multi-factor authentication, SSO integrations, and fine-grained access controls meet link-sharing and web-ready preview proxies.


Sharing & distribution

File & folder-sharing for preview & delivery
Track preview & download activity
Custom branded links

A "Screening room" experience

Frame-accurate mark-up
Commenting & notifications
Synchronized playback & live annotation

Reliable security

End-to-end encryption
Dynamic watermarking
SSO integration
Flexible user administration

Productivity toolkit

Premiere Pro panel
NLE marker export
Trimming & storyboarding
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Real-time synchronized preview and review

Ci VideoReview and ImageReview apps are built directly into the platform - so you never need to move or re-render video content to collaborate with others. Users can preview, markup, and comment on files stored in Ci, then export feedback as PDFs or NLE markers for editors. Ci’s LiveSession features synchronized playback and live annotations so teams can see the same image in real time - to engage dynamically and seamlessly without being in the same room.
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Auto-processing on wide pro format support

Ci readily supports in-app preview of over 130 media file extensions and 460 codecs, including RAW images and videos. High-quality proxies are generated during ingest without any manual intervention. You can configure custom render profiles and automatically render proxies according to the provided specifications. The proxies rendered by Ci are instantly available for preview, download, and sharing. Robust format support and built-in transcoding supercharge productivity and eliminate costly and slow processing tasks.
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Case Study

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Public media producer GBH needed a way for productions to gather footage from teams in the field. They needed a secure share-ready space which editors and promo teams could access to get a jump start on their work.


From file transfers and sharing, video production teams expanded Ci usage to editorial reviews and streamlining video content to their local storage. When operations moved to work-from-home, GBH used Ci to conduct 20-person screenings of one of their weekly documentary programs.


With Ci, GBH realized secure remote access to their pre-released content. This reduced threat vectors by eliminating hard drives and empowered video production and post-production teams to collaborate seamlessly in a virtual screening room.

Make video review and team collaboration quick and easy with Ci